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For 3D printing or other manufacturing processes - 3D Design - 3D Scanning

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3D printing | 3D milling | Glass engraving | Holography

Create a free account. When creating your personal profile, define and describe your 3D printer CNC milling machine or other output units according to predefined parameters. In your personal account you can arbitrarily add a lot of output devices, delete or modify existing ones. You are proposed for printing or production, if the key data of your output device will match with the print request. The client has now the opportunity to ask for an offer. You will find the offers in your personal account, with the possibility to accept or reject it. Of course you can also offer on your ready-produced models.


Objects | Virtual worlds

You are perfect in 3D design. You create three-dimensional objects or 3D animations, create entire worlds, characters or other components. Look under assignments and make an offer.

Service with no risk

we've the orders - you've the know-how


Objects | Components | Real worlds

No matter what type of objects you create: small or large, detailed, digitized model data , components at close range or real worlds, landscapes and buildings at wide range. Describe your 3D scanner and your contract work on your profile. Search under assignments for sufficient inquiries and apply yourself.


Stone| Wood| Metal | Plaster | Clay | Ceramics

You work according to traditional handicraft art. Creating sculptures, busts and other abstract objects stone, wood, plaster, clay, metal, etc. Then, offer your works in your account. Upload gallery pictures, describe the production technology and apply for inquiries by contract work.

Contract work

in the field of 3D scanning, 3D Design and handicrafts. Apply for orders