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Photogrammetry is a group of measurement and evaluation methods. The spatial position of the three-dimensional shape is determined from photographs and accurate measurement images of an object As a rule, the images are recorded with special measuring cameras, but all commercially available cameras can be used for 3D reconstruction. This scanning method enables a non-contact reconstruction of spatial objects from their photographed radiation. The objects are captured by multiple camera locations (or simultaneously from multiple cameras). The resulting image series can be further processed with various 3D modeling solutions. We use the software PhotoScan from Agisoft. This is an advanced image-based 3D modeling solution aimed at the creation of professional 3D content from still images. It uses the latest multi-view 3D reconstruction technology. Photos can be taken from any position, the object to be reconstructed must be visible on at least two photos. Both image orientation and 3D model reconstruction are fully automated.

Structured light scanner

The structured light scanning, includes optical measurement methods, in which image sequences are used for the three-dimensional detection of surfaces A structured light scanner consists of at least one video projector and at least one digital or analog video camera. Commercial systems have now become established with a projector and one or two cameras. The projector illuminates the measured object temporally sequentially with patterns of parallel light and dark stripes of different widths. The camera(s) registers the projected strip pattern at a known viewing angle for projection. An image is taken with each camera for each projection pattern. A temporal sequence of different brightness values is thus produced for each pixel of all cameras.

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