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Copyright and intellectual property protection

Given the exclusive right of the author In the physical utilization of his works are absolutely clear And want to preserve it under all circumstances, we will Provide important information for you


Copyright protects intellectual work in the cultural field. It protects the copyright of the author of his works. Amongst other things Protects it in art, intellectual or artistic achievements. It determines content, scope and transferability.
The work itself is defined by "personal creation, the perceptible shaping, The spiritual content and the personal personality. " The copyright owner is the author, ie the creator of the work. Even if the work was created on the basis of a commissioned work / order, The client is never the originator. It may not be more than one Right of use.
Copyright is not transferable. The only exception is a transfer through inheritance. Only the author himself can determine, How and when his work is published. Copyright is limited and Ends automatically 70 years after the death of the author.

Taste and right to use:

The taste and right to use, for example, protects a creation Before the unauthorized use or exploitation by third parties. Particular attention should be paid to reproductions. However, according to German law is protected only if the design in question Or invention in the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office. While patent law refers to more complex constructions, Fall under the utility model protection rights functions of for example Special brackets or an unusual screw thread The aesthetic area is then covered by the right of taste. This concerns two and three-dimensional objects, which are characterized by a certain individuality Can also be called design objects.
In 3D printing these protective rights apply not only to the material objects, but also to the file surfaces of the respective 3D models. Anyone who distributes 3D model data or material objects should pay attention to this. Even if the 3D models or model data are offered free of charge. Thus, a piece of design has certainly been protected by the creator and does not permit the distribution of 3D data for the creation of replicas.

Trademark law:

Be careful when using original labels and logos. One gets into conflict with the trademark law, If similar products are produced without the consent of the proprietor of the trade with the same Or confused with similar markings. Even three-dimensional shapes can be protected. For example, Volkswagen was able to protect the VW bus "Bulli" as a 3D brand. Thus, a replica is not allowed under trademark law even without the VW mark.