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I am 3D service provider

Creating model data or production of 3D models - Free registration

Manufacture models

  • Earn money with your 3d printer
  • Have your 3D milling any capacity free?
  • You can represent 3D objects in glass? Create 3D laser crystals of customer data
  • Customize holograms for customer
  • Apply for orders
  • No direct costs and therefore no risk. Commision only by contract

Create model data

  • 3D Designer? Then construct 3D body
  • You digitize objects of all kinds? Your know-how to scan service is in demand
  • Stone or wood, no matter what material your                  work of art is! You habe the opportunity                  to offer your unique at
  • No direct costs and therefore no risk. Commision only by contract

Free account

  • Register for free in our                  Service database and create an account
  • Create your own profile
  • Describe the technical capabilities of your devices
  • Present yourself and your work
  • Upload gallery photos of your work
  • Show her recent works


Invest a free account and exhibit your own profile. By presenting your works in image and video. Describe yourself, your company and services. Manage your models or 3D manufacturing equipment in your account, and also the print job management

Offer service - without risik

only in the contract, we take 15% commission on the value of the contract


Reale worlds | Virtual worlds | Kits

You are professional and create your own 3D models. Fancy models or replicas of real worlds. Our database offers by them various categories and optimal infrastructure for storing your data model. We support the file formats "stl, obj, dae, pdf and 3ds ". Thumbnails can be added and real data watched in a 3D viewer. We also offer the option kits manage in the database


CAD-Datas | Real-Scans | Modelling

You are creative and have mastered the creation of 3D model data by using 3D software? In your profile description, you can precisely descrie your skills and apply for orders. You own one or more 3D scanner - with which scan method you go to work - what kind of scan you can offer? Find the matching order.

You have the models - We the infrastructure

Earn money and upload your models in our database


3D print | 3D milling | Glass engraving | Holography

Whether printing, milling, engraving or holograms create - you own one or multiple manufacturing processes and want to offer them as a service. Then create a free account and create a personal profile on Define and describe your output units, upload Gallery pictures of your work and present your work environment. Of course, you can also offer your ready-produced models and distribute with

We have the models - you the service

Take advantage of our model database and apply for orders


Handicraft | Woodcarver | Stonemason | Sculptors | Potter

Present your sculptures, objects and artworks. Provide your works not only as unique! By digitizing, a lot of replicas can be create. Look for a scanning service near by, who creates 3D data from your objects. You can offer the datas in our marketplace for download or as a finished model you produce with your 3D printers. You don't have a printer - no problem - you will find the appropriate print service on our marketplace.