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Join the next generation in 3D advertizing powered by MASSIVit 3D

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Shaping the future of super-size printing

3D printing | Large format | Advertising | 3D displays

Whether you’re looking to create profitable new revenue streams for your current print business, expand your 3D printing firm’s competitiveness or digitalize your fabrication process, Massivit adds profitable new dimensions to your business. Start offering an unlimited range of creative 3D displays for advertising, retail and entertainment application.

The power of GDP technology

Earth-friendly 3D printing

Large format 3D printing makes a big impact on your business, not the environment. From low energy curing to support-free printing, this solutions have a minimal environmental footprint:
Hollow lightweight products minimize cost of transportation and handling
Minimal waste additive process
Low energy consumption LED UV curing
No support structures required, eliminates post-printing clean-up
It’s our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Max. printing size

HEIGHT: 5’9” 180 cm
WIDTH : 4’9” 150 cm
DEPTH : 3’9” 120 cm

By sticking individually printed assemblies, much larger objects can be realized

Large format 3D printing
Re-print the rules of the game

Unleash your super-size imagination

Transform virtually any idea into an eye-catching reality with lage format printing. Beyond just printing objects you can personalize or localize objects, scan to print, make illuminated displays and much more. Create an almost limitless variety of super-size, 3D displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing and entertainment.
Your customers will love you for it as large objects and selfie points are simply a better way for them to capture attention and make their marketing more impactful.
All printable models on ezepio can be used.

Make the following and more:

Unique product launches
“Selfie points” that call for interaction
Special exhibition displays
Amazing point of purchase displays that matter and entertain
Stand-out centerpieces for events
Scenic & theming elements for every possible venue
Props, backgrounds and sets for theater, TV, movies

Super-charge your 3D print business

Objects | Components | Real worlds

Grow Revenues
Print for your current customers or expand into new services such as displays for advertising, promotions, high-level marketing, entertainment and more – with an almost limitless variety of super-size 3D printing.

Increase Productivity
Turnaround jobs at break-neck speed. Massivit prints objects faster than anything available in today’s 3D printing market. Print 2 different objects in parallel at rates up to 35 cm/hr | 14 inch/hr. Cut finishing time dramatically, with no support structures to remove and no need for post-curing.

Lower Costs
Massivit “hollow-shell” 3D objects are easy to handle and transport. And, they consume less material than most 3D printers.

Easy operation
Support-less printing and fully cured prints that requires no post-print process. Hollowed objects are light weight and easy to handle. The large size and the simple bonding of parts makes it much easier to create complex super-sized and even mega projects.