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  • Service production for 3D models :
    - 3D-Print
    - Milling
    - Hologram creation
    - Glass laser engraving
  • Service scanning for 3D model data creation
  • Services 3D Design for 3D model data creation
  • Service handicraft sculptures

Offer service

  • You possess one or more manufacturing processes and want to offer them
  • Create a personal profile and present yor work in text , image and video
  • Define your output units
  • Describe the technical capabilities of your devices
  • Upload gallery images of your work
  • Earn money with your 3D printer
  • You have a milling machine? Apply for contracts
  • You have a method, to map 3D bodies in glass? Create 3D laser crystals with customer data
  • Create digital holograms from model data.


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