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Get 3D models from experienced designers. Scan specialists scan real objects in your order. Artists create real objects according to your ideas. Create a new job and describe as accurately as possible what you need, enter a price, and indicate if the object is Exclusive for you or can be sold to others by the seller. An exclusive property is offered to you only for purchase.

If necessary attach a PDF or JPG file. The order have a duration of 1 week and ends automatically. In this time, any supplier can respond to your order. If there is an agreement, you can abort the order and then pay the agreed amount with PayPal to the sevice provider.

The supplier then produces the object, uploads it to the shop, and transfers it ( exclusive object) or share it into your account. Model files can be downloaded like all other models. iIn the case of ready-made models, the provider sends you the object.

SCAN Order
Scan order
Scanning items, can be converted into a 3D file

Design order
Allow 3D models to design their own ideas

Finished model order
Real objects can make for own ideas