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With a free account you have all options, whether you download the purchased model or to upload your own models for sale or to offer ready-made models. As a service provider, you can use your 3D printers or other devices such as 3D CNC milling, 3D glass laser or 3D holography. Manage incoming and outgoing print requests. Of course, you can also maintain your profile here. If you assign or execute orders, you must also register by ezepio. Each account offers the same features, you decide whether to sell models or offer services - or both.
With an account everything is possible.


  • Upload your own models or kits.
  • Manage models: change, delete, or switch online/offline
  • Download purchased models
  • Produce own or purchased models with a print request by service providers. These devices are available (subject to availability):
    • 3D Printer : Layer construction of plastic, gypsum, synthetic resin, ceramics or metal
    • 3D CNC milling : Layered removal from a block of plastic, wood or metal
    • 3D Glas Laser : Laser engraving in crystal glass or metal
    • 3D Holography : Displaying products in 3D impressively. At trade fairs or exhibitions
  • The following options can be selected for a print request:
    • Material
    • Colour
    • Resolution
    • Size
    • Restrict Service providers to a specific country or at all countries
  • Overview of all print requests and respective service providers per request
  • Cancel print request, accept offer, max. Specify delivery time, place order


  • Apply Equipment: manufacturer, model, description, pictures, installation space, resolution, material, colors
  • Manage Equipment: change, delete, or switch online/offline
  • Manage incoming and outgoing print requests:
    • Overview of all received print requests
    • View inquiry details
    • Status tracking
    • Chat with the customer to clarify any questions
    • Issue/reject an offer


  • Determine what you offer: models, scan, design, 3D printing, etc.
  • Profile picture, banner, gallery, Youtube-Videos (Link)
  • If you are offering and sending real objects or print services, select the countries to which you want to send
  • Link to your Facebook or Twitter account
  • As a seller or service provider, please provide details of your general terms and conditions


  • Online check for STL models: information about printability as well as download of the repaired file